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Why are Scrap Car Values Different?


The price you can get for your scrap car is not only dependent on the weight of the car, but also where you live in the UK. For example, on the Remove My Car online quote page, a 2002 Ford Focus may be valued at £117 if you enter a post code in Aberdeen, but the same car could be worth £144 if you enter a Liverpool post code. The car weighs the same, has the same salvageable parts, and yet is worth a different amount. But why? It may depend on what engine is fitted. Read more on the Engine Scrap Value


Logistics and the High Cost of Fuel


You won’t need us to tell you that the cost of petrol has risen quite dramatically in recent years, and this has a direct impact on all types of collection and delivery services. The high cost of petrol means that dealers have to balance the cost of picking your car up against the potential value of the car as scrap or salvage. It’s not just the cost of collection either – there is also the cost of transporting the processed metals after your car has been recycled. (The web site shows the trends of petrol prices since 2007 and it’s not a pleasant read!).

Rising fuel Costs
 View more here for rises in fuel prices

Some parts of the UK have to be more aware of logistics and fuel prices than others. For example, more remote areas like the Highlands of Scotland will involve longer journey times and higher transportation costs. In these types of areas, it is difficult for any scrap car company to offer benefits that other areas enjoy, such as free collection. 


Competition between Scrap Car Dealers


If you are lucky enough to live close to a town or city that has a lot of scrap car dealers, you are much likely to get a better price. The scrap car industry is very competitive, and in towns where there are many dealers and used car parts specialists, that competition can be fierce. Which is good news for you, because it means you will get that bit extra in your pocket. 

Arm Wrestle

If you do your research, you may be able to use your location to your advantage. For example, if you live between Reading and Swindon, you will usually get a better price from Swindon dealers than those in Reading, simply because it is more competitive in Swindon, and dealers will fight tooth and nail to get scrap cars through their doors.

You can find out about the most competitive areas here:


Is it Worth Moving your Car to Another Location?

We’d have to say no, unless you can get the car to a more competitive location without incurring many costs. It is unlikely that there will be a large difference in the prices you are quoted in different areas, so the transportation costs would be more than the extra money. 

Getting the Best Price for Your Scrap Car Locally

Delivering Scrap Car

To get a good price for your car, you can do your own research, looking at the amount of dealers in your area, calling around getting prices and trying to judge whether the dealer is reputable. That’s one approach. But a far easier way is to sell your car to Remove My Car, because we have already done the research for you.

Remove My Car has spent years seeking out the most reputable, reliable and competitive operators in areas all over the UK. Whether you are in a major city, close to two large towns, or in a more remote location, we can get you a fantastic price from a local dealer who meets our very high standards of service. If you are close to multiple scrap car companies, we will aim to match your car to the RMC member who offers the highest price. Or if you want an even better price, you can use the RMC Auction, which allows scrap companies from other areas to bid on your car too. You can’t lose at auction, as you can still take the price we originally offered. 


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Cash Ban From October 1st 2013 
The new Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 comes into force on October 1st. This means we now need a copy of your Photo I.D and proof of address as well as the V5C either on collection or delivery. Read our news page HERE for more info. 

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