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Scrap My Car Using the V5C

The DVLA have not exactly covered themselves in glory with the written information they provide, and it is leading to a lot of problems for people who, like you, want to sell their scrap cars responsibly. It doesn’t help matters that the V5C has two different numbering systems – Section 9 is also V5C/3 however, on the V5C document, the instructions refer to

'Section 9’ but on the DVLA/government web site it refers to ‘ Section 3’!

Why are people getting so muddled up?

Well, it is down to the wording on the V5C and the DVLA web site. If you take a look at the 

Your Responsibilities as the Registered Keeper’ section on the V5C, you will be able to see for yourself.


V5C log Book

In the *Scrapping your vehicle

‘You cannot use the V5C to tell us you have scrapped your vehicle’


‘If you do not receive a CoD immediately please fill in section 9 of the V5C and send to DVLA.’

V5C section 9

Let's Put The Record Straight

How can you be certain that we are right when so many other sites have posted different information? Because:

  • We work in the industry every day. It is our industry, so we know how it works.
  • We actually took the time to ask the DVLA. They told us that the CoD is not vital, but what they do need is written confirmation that you have sold your vehicle to the trade for repair, parts or scrap. (Section 9 of the log book or written confirmation).

The Only Thing You Need to Do is Notify the DVLA

Ultimately, the only thing you need to do when you sell a car for scrap or salvage is notify DVLA. To do this, you can return Section 9 of the V5C (log book) or if you do not have the log book, simply notify DVLA in writing. You will need to include the vehicles registration number, your details and the details of the company that you sold your car to (hopefully, that’s Remove My Car). That’s all you need to do!

There's no need to pay £25 for a new V5C.

When DVLA receive the notification, they will update their records so that you are no longer the registered owner of the vehicle and confirm this in writing within 4 weeks. But up until they receive your Section 9 or written notification, you are still responsible for the car.

If you sell your car to a to an ATF company and it is scrapped, you will receive a CoD. But only if the car is scrapped. If it is going to be repaired and sold on, the ATF do not have to issue a CoD.

Do I need a certificate of destruction

But I Need a CoD for my Insurance Company

A CoD can only be issued by an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), but they are only obliged to issue them if they actually scrap your car. DVLA allow ATFs to make the decision about whether your car is scrapped or repaired and sold on.

At Remove My Car, we operate a different policy – we give you the choice about what happens to your car. If you want a CoD, we can instruct our ATF member to scrap your vehicle and issue a CoD, even if they would have preferred to repair and sell the car on. But you will need to tell us you want a CoD up front, as scrapping your car will affect its value.


What if DVLA Don’t Receive Notification?

If you sell your car and fail to notify DVLA, you are going to remain as the registered owner of the vehicle on their records. This means you could face a fine if you didn’t make a SORN or failed to re-tax the car. You could also be in trouble if the car has somehow ended up back on the road, for example, if it has been used in criminal activity.

To avoid these problems, you should use a reputable company like Remove My Car, as we will advise you on what to do and will make sure your car is disposed of correctly.

To be free of the responsibility of your scrap car, we recommend that you:

  • Sell to a reputable scrap car company, such as Remove My Car. All of our members are registered ATFs that will ensure you receive a CoD if you need one. They also keep records of every car so that they abide with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. If, for whatever reason, DVLA or your insurance company contact you about your car or require a CoD, we can help you get the information you need.
  • Notify DVLA as soon as possible You do not have to use Section 9 of the log book (V5C) to notify DVLA, but if you can it makes life easier all round. Some companies out there may not accept your vehicle without a V5C due to the pressure from local authorities.
  • If you write to DVLA, you need to state that you are no longer the registered keeper and provide details of the company that purchased your car.
  • Send Section 9 to DVLA via a traceable postage service. You could also send a separate letter as a back-up if you wished.
  • Contact DVLA to check that they received Section 9 (or written confirmation) if you do not receive an acknowledgment letter from them within 4 weeks. You need to make sure that you are no longer the registered owner in their records.
  • If your car is being scrapped, ask for a Certificate of Destruction. Legally, you are not legally required to have a CoD when you sell your car for scrap, but it is always better to get one if you can (and it is good practice to provide one).

Remove My Car will Help You Deal with the DVLA

At Remove My Car, we keep a record in our database of all cars collected, including price, date of sale, date of collection, and also details on when and where they were salvaged or scrapped. This means we can trace your sale on our system and provide you with the information that may be required by DVLA or your insurance company, should they request it. If your car was scrapped and you need a Certificate of Destruction, we can get in touch with the ATF and make sure you receive the document as soon as possible.

This high-level of service comes as standard with Remove My Car, and we pay outstanding prices too.

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