Remove My Car is one of the Leading Scrap Car Networks

Since forming in 2009, Remove My Car has quickly established itself as one of the leading scrap car networks in the UK.

A National Network of the Finest Scrap Car Merchants

Since forming in 2009, Remove My Car has quickly established itself as the leading scrap car network in the UK. With FREE collections as standard, excellent instant quote offers and customer service that is genuinely friendly and helpful, it is no surprise RMC is such a success.

By Putting Your Needs First

At Remove My Car we believe that mutually beneficial relationships are the key to success. That’s why every part of our business is set up to give you, our customers, the best possible value and experience.
From the moment you apply for a quote, we are working to get you the best price for your car, and will do everything we can to provide you with the information you need. When you have questions or issues, we are here to help and will do everything possible to make your sale go as smoothly as possible.
We’re also very particular with who we deal with, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with our Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF). All of our members are friendly and approachable and will do everything they can to collect your car with minimal fuss.

By Looking After our ATFs

It took us years to find what we believe are the most competitive and reliable ATFs in the UK. So we weren’t going to let all that hard work go to waste by not taking good care of them. We help our ATFs by providing them with an ongoing stream of customers and in return, they offer more competitive prices, agree to take cars they wouldn’t usually take, and provide the high level of service we expect. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that works for RMC, our ATFs, and you.

By Doing Business the Right Way

The scrap car industry has had a dubious reputation in the past, but we thought we could use that to our advantage. By doing our business the right way, we could set an example for other scrap car dealers and prove that you don’t have to break or bend the rules to succeed.
For us, honesty is always the best policy, which is why you won’t find RMC cutting corners or using underhanded tricks of the trade to make a quick profit. We’re in this for the long haul and know that to succeed, we need to take the moral high ground and protect our reputation.

If You’re Happy, We’re Happy

For Remove My Car to work as a service, it relies on us being able to appeal to you and keep our ATFs satisfied and competitive. The whole process works as a cycle: RMC is good for you because we offer great prices and service RMC works for ATFs because we provide a high volume of customers ATFs can provide better prices because they have more customers The better prices attract more customers to RMC.
Sellers are happy. ATFs are happy. RMC is happy.
Everyone’s a winner.

But what sets us apart from the rest? Read what our customer say to find out.

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Rated 4.9/5 from 12,720 reviews
Rated 4.9/5 from 12,720 reviews