Scrap Car For Cash

If you come across a scrap dealer who offers you cash for your car, immediately refuse and leave. Ignore the crisp bundle of notes and back away. 

No company can offer cash legally for scrap vehicles anymore, so if someone tries to do this they’re working illegally and you can be sure your car won’t be disposed of in the correct way. 

At Remove My Car, we can still ensure you get the money for your scrap car quickly and easily either by bank transfer or by cheque. 

We’ve researched each and every one of our member ATFs extensively and know that they are not only licensed and reputable, but also capable of providing the highest levels of service and the best prices. 

All of this means that when you sell your scrap car to us, you’ll get a great price, top service and have peace of mind that your car will be scrapped legally.  

Selling Scrap Car for Cash

Why The Ban on Cash For Scrap Cars is Good News 


The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 was brought in to ensure companies don’t pay for scrap cars or other metal in cash. 

Prior to this, scrap dealers were able to pay for scrap metal and cars with cash and weren’t required to obtain identification from the seller or keep accurate records. Clearly this meant criminal activities were easier and it was easier for unscrupulous people to sell stolen metal without ever being found out. 

At Remove My Car, we’re fully behind the introduction of this act and have been since the beginning. We’re in favour of anything that helps to clean up our industry, which, unfortunately, still has some rogue and untrustworthy traders. 

We believe a better regulated and more trustworthy industry is also a great thing for our customers. It makes it easier for them to find and work with reliable scrap car dealers like us. Importantly, the new law will also help to crack down on a major problem that has blighted our towns and cities in recent years – metal theft.

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Rated 4.9/5 from 12,653 reviews
Rated 4.9/5 from 12,653 reviews