How to Scrap a Car

If you’re wondering how to scrap a car and what the easiest way to do it is, you’ll find that searching online using a term such as ‘Scrap My Car’ will produce a plethora of different companies who are willing to pay money for scrap cars. 


We performed a simple search and found the following: 

Out of the 25 results, only 9 were Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) or Recycling Networks.
Here's the Breakdown:  
Out of 11 sponsored links, only 5 were ATF's / ATF networks. The remaining 6 results are known as ‘Lamp Post Traders’ 
Out of the 7 local search listings, only 1 company was ATF registered
Out of the 7 organic search results, only 1 is an ATF registered company and 2 were websites who work with ATF networks (us included)
As this shows, finding registered Authorised Treatment Facilities isn’t as easy as you might first think. 
How to Scrap a Car 


Use a Registered ATF When Scrapping Your Car 

It’s so important to find an ATF when scrapping your car as they are legally bound to disposing of and recycling your vehicle and all of its parts in the correct way. 
There are many businesses and individuals who aren’t registered ATFs but who will want to buy your scrap car with the eventual intention of selling it onto an ATF and making a profit for themselves. This means they’re offering the lowest possible price to you so they can make as much cash for themselves. 
If you intended to find a scrappage company yourself, you should be prepared to research whether they are ATF registered or not. 
Or, you could keep things simple for yourself and use Remove My Car as we’ve already done all of the hard work for you…

How To Get an ATF to Collect A Low Value Scrap Car


If you’re finding it difficult to get a company to buy and collect your scrap car, it’s probably because it has low scrap value. Common cars such as Nissan Micra’s often fall into this category and it can be really tough to get an ATF to collect them because the potential profit is very low or negligible after transportation costs have been taken into account. 


But, with our network of approved ATFs, we can buy your car and have it collected by an ATF local to you. This is because we have great relationships with our members and they know we expect each and every car to be collected. They are willing to pick up low-profit cars because they know through working with us that we will also have higher value cars for them to collect in future. 


Better Prices Than Approaching The ATF Direct 


We are able to offer customers a better price for their scrap car than if they had contacted the ATF directly. It might sound crazy, but it’s true. 


When you approach an ATF yourself, you’ll be given an independent value on your car, but the values on Remove My Car are based on weight and are guaranteed. If we value a car at £180 on our website, our member ATF will pay that £180, even if they would independently try to get more profit by offering you £140 or similar. 


For more information, read our tips on how to get the best price for your scrap car.  

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Rated 4.9/5 from 12,720 reviews
Rated 4.9/5 from 12,720 reviews