Government Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) Car Scrappage Scheme
According to recent air quality news, the relaxation of regulations has caused traffic to revert to its pre-pandemic levels of vehicle emissions.

The government has established car-scrapping programmes for obsolete and outdated vehicles in the past and has expanded these programmes to cover motorcycles as well with the aim to reduce air pollution and contribute to clean air. As a result, if you currently drive an older vehicle, it may be time to trade it in for a newer, cleaner model to receive a significant discount.

What is the Car Scrappage Scheme? 

Birmingham City Council is the only council offering car scrappage programmes as well as vehicle companies, Kia, and Renault UK. As more and more Londoners prepare to relocate into the Ultra-Low Emission Zone, Transport for London's car scrappage programme ceased in 2019 after using up all its money and removing more than 15,000 older, more polluting cars from the city's roads (ULEZ). The ULEZ zones have been enthusiastically adopted, with 87% of vehicles already operating in this zone, and it appears that Birmingham won't lag behind them either with its £10 million Clean Air Zone Vehicle scrappage programme.

What Cars Are Eligible – Cars For Scrap 

According to reports, your car's age, its emission rating, and whether it's a petrol or diesel model will determine if you qualify for the scrappage programmes. The age of your car is crucial for things like the vehicle scrappage plan because it will determine whether its European emission criteria are met.


Any Euro 6-compliant car that satisfies the requirements of a government-backed car scrappage scheme may be purchased by you if you are qualified and using the programme. You can find yourself trading in your old car for a new car, a new model, or even an electric car if you go to the car dealership and purchase a car through a manufacturer's scrappage programme. This is because only some car models may be available to purchase through the vehicle scrappage programme.

How Does The Car Scrappage Scheme Work?

According to Autotrader, different scrappage programmes have distinct needs. For instance, you might have to own your car for a certain amount of time before trading it in for a new one. The answer may also depend on when the car was first originally registered, or perhaps the car you have is just ineligible for the car scrappage programme.

Therefore, if you drive an outdated, low-value car, a car scrappage programme may be just what you need to save those extra pounds.
Air Quality

Given the statistics that link poor air quality to anything between 10,000 and 40,000 premature deaths in the UK each year, it should come as no surprise that government car scrappage programmes are being welcomed more and more as we are encouraged to replace our internal combustion engine (ICE) and diesel cars with electric.


Based on the Public Health England report by Public Health England in 2021, it is estimated that approximately 6.5% of fatalities in London can be attributed to air pollution.These depressing statistics are what push us to participate in car scrappage programmes and to trade in our old cars for new ones that support the clean air. The UK government is in favour of new scrappage programmes because they support the government's plans to phase out polluting vehicles and reduce all greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, as well as the possibility of moving up the end date for sales of petrol and diesel vehicles to 2030.

Will The Government Implement Car Scrappage Programme?

There isn't currently a government-sponsored programme to ditch diesel cars across the UK because in July 2022, calls for a new programme to assist with the price of an electric car were rejected by Ministers. People also anticipated a government-backed electric car scrappage programme in 2020, which they believed would help new car sales, but the UK government never implemented it.

Not everyone is in favour of car scrappage programmes, but as they develop, we may see more and more car manufacturers embracing programmes like the "new for old" programme.  



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