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It's time to consider the next phase of your car when your old vehicle is finally starting to show signs of giving up.

After weighing up your options, you've come to the conclusion that scrapping your car is the only viable option. If you're looking to sell your old car for a reasonable price, look no further than Remove My Car and our network of reputable partners.

What will get me the best car scrappage price?

There is no standard price for scrapping cars or vans because the price you'll receive from Remove My Car fluctuates with the market price of scrap metal which is continuously changing from day to day.  As a result, you won't find any standard price lists on any Authorised Treatment Facility's website because they would need to be updated virtually every day.

However, the general rule is that the larger and heavier your car is, the more it is worth as scrap. Simply explained, a Mitsubishi Shogun is likely to have a lot more metal to sell as scrap than a Ford Fiesta, thus it will be worth more in the final scrap car value.


Scrap cars near me

Cars can only be scrapped at an car scrapyard or officially known as an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), and here at Remove My Car, we have a nationwide network of trusted and approved scrap car buyers and ATFs, so you can be confident that we will find you the closest and most dependable service near you, at no cost.

Do I need a V5C paperwork to scrap my car?

Having the V5C or vehicle registration document for your car can be very useful during the car scrapping process, and if you don't have one, it's best to notify one of the Remove My Car team as soon as possible so that there are no unpleasant surprises later on in your scrap car process.


If you have lost your V5C, you can quickly request for a duplicate copy online through the website by submitting your registration plate data, the vehicle's VIN number, and the name and postcode registered to your logbook, along with a government administration fee.

Getting the best scrap car prices

Breaking down your car for parts may seem to be a viable option to make extra money, but you must consider the time, work, and storage costs you will pay when removing parts from your car.

It's also worth considering that every part you remove from the car or replace will immediately deduct some value from the scrap metal price - an engine could deduct your overall value by over £90, while a catalytic converter can cost you anywhere between £80 and £150 on your quote. This will, however, vary depending on your vehicle.


Selling your car for car salvage may be the better option if you have the skill, time, and storage capabilities, but if you're looking for a quick and easy way to make some money off your old car, selling it to remove my car for scrap is the easiest and most sensible option.

Can I accept cash for scrap cars?

It is illegal to receive cash for scrapping your car under legislation that came into effect in 2013. This is to prevent you from having your car stolen and then sold as scrap for cash before you have a chance to recover it. If you are offered payment for your scrap car, you should avoid them since they will be breaking the 2013 scrap metal dealers act and should be reported to the authorities. You should only take electronic funds transfers or a cheque as payment for your scrap vehicle.

How much will i get for scrapping a car near me?

Now that we've explained how volatile the scrap car market can be, the only way to give you an accurate picture is to visit remove my car and in just 30 seconds you'll have an accurate quote that comes with our guarantee - so get started today and see how much your scrap car could be worth.




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Using Remove My Car's instant scrap car quote service, which is completely free to use, saves you the time and hassle of phoning scrap yards for the best prices for your car. We'll immediately show you the best scrap car prices from branches in your local area for scrapping your car.

Simply enter your registration number and postcode, and we'll show you the best prices available in your region for your car. Get started today with a quote in just 30 seconds and see just how much you could get from your scrap car from remove my car.


For more information, be sure to get in touch with the team today.

*Vehicle must be complete with 4 wheels 

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Rated 4.9/5 from 12,653 reviews