The rising costs of owning and driving a car is significant for most households. Aside from the initial purchase a new or used car, there are continuous costs to consider throughout the year, such as rising fuel pump costs, increasing road tax, car insurance, and ongoing car maintenance.

With the rising cost of living and driving, here are six quick and easy money-saving methods to help you save some money whilst driving.

1.    Avoid excess weight in your vehicle

It may seem obvious but when your car is at its heaviest, it will consume the most fuel. Remove anything out of the car you simply don't need to carry to save weight and, as a result, fuel consumption. If you don't use anything frequently, the extra weight will raise your fuel usage, which you should try to avoid wherever possible.

On average for every extra 45kg you carry in your car it will reduce fuel efficiency by around 2% and if your vehicle has a roof rack or bars, it's also a good idea to unbolt them when not in use, as this might add to the weight and reduce the aerodynamics of your vehicle.

2.    Drive smoothly and carefully when the car is cold

Cars are typically not at their best performance when they are cold, even though most modern engines are built to run right away when you turn the ignition over. If you do drive off quickly, you'll burn more fuel and put more strain on the engine.

3.    Check your tyre pressures

The simplest of checks will almost immediately save you money if you are operating with underinflated tyres. Under-inflated tyres can reduce mileage by 0.2% for every one pound per square inch (PSI) drop in the average pressure of all four tyres. Ensure that you have taken the time to inflate your tyres as they will be ultimately safer and last longer.

Tyres that are merely 15 psi underinflated might use about 6% extra fuel. This difference may be unnoticed at first. However that is an average of 40 and 42 miles per gallon. Which over time would tally to an astonishing additional 26 miles from a typical 60ltr fuel tank.

4.    Find the cheapest fuel in your area

You may save a lot of money per litre and £££ over the course of a year by looking for the cheapest fuel prices and keeping track of the price per litre as you drive past them in your local area.

However, going out of your way to get cheap petrol is frequently a false economy. Having said that, if you can discover a few pence of difference on the same street, it can be worthwhile to take a quick detour to save some extra cash.

As a mere 10p rise in fuel expense can cost a staggering £100+ over the course of a year at 42 miles per gallon over the length of 10,000 miles driven, everything may mount up when you're driving.

5.    Drive consistently, with care and slowly

Driving fast all the time not only costs more but you could get fined, and above all it is dangerous.  

Driving at 80mph rather than 70mph can use up to 25% more petrol in some vehicles, while it uses up to 9% more fuel to drive at 70mph than at 60mph.

Maintaining a more consistent speed rather than constantly speeding up and decelerating also saves on fuel consumption. Plus, it ends up being a lot less annoying for everyone around you!

6.    Buying brand new and scrapping your old car  

New car advances make significant updates in fuel efficiencies, especially in relation to hybrid or even electric vehicles which ultimately means that newer cars are generally more reliable and more fuel efficient than older cars which can be prone to continuous issues. According to data from car repair website WhoCanFixMyCar.com, the average cost of the frequency of car repairs will only increase as the vehicle is used and becomes over 5 years old. Sometimes it can be more cost effective to update your car more frequently which can help costly repairs.



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Rated 4.9/5 from 12,755 reviews