Engines Scrap Value - What they worth?

If your car is not going to be made roadworthy again, it will be in for some open-bonnet surgery at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). First, its fluids will be drained out and plugs fitted to the holes. The fluids are collected and can also be recycled Recycling Fluids. Next, dismantlers will lift the engine out of the car’s shell. What happens next depends on the condition of the engine and how the ATF operate.

Engine is Ready to Scrap


If the engine cannot be used as anything other than raw materials, it will end up at a specialist recycling centre. There, it will suffer the same fate as the other metal parts of your car – into the shredder it goes! The shredder cuts the engine into smaller, more manageable pieces. The pieces are then sorted according to the type of metal they contain. Most parts of a car engine are aluminium. When the metals have been separated, they are used as recycled metals. Aluminium is very easy to recycle as it deteriorates very little when melted. 

Engines can be Reconditioned or Remanufactured

Some car engines have plenty of life left in them when they are removed from a scrap car. So instead of being shredded, they are dismantled or sold on as whole. Many engines are remanufactured by companies like Export Mania Ltd.

Dismantled engines are often used as parts for repairable engines. These are engines that have been made roadworthy again by using parts from several engines (of the same type) to create a fully working engine. 


Why Do Developing Countries Import Used Engines from the UK?


It’s quite obvious really – cost! In countries where the average wage is low, paying for a replacement engine is prohibitively expensive (it’s not exactly cheap here, either). There is a need for cheaper alternatives, and so a thriving market for used car parts of most kinds, including engine parts.

Does the Scrap Value of My Car Include the Engine Value?


Yes, it does. But bear in mind that many instant quotes are based on weight only (including Remove My Car’s instant quote). If your engine is in demand or fairly new and well-maintained, you could get a much better price by selling through Remove My Car.
The parts of your car, especially the engine, may be worth more than just the scrap value. Use Remove My Car to get a better estimate of your vehicle's worth, based on the engine condition rather than just the total weight. Give it a try - just enter your car registration and postcode to find out how much your vehicle is worth.

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Rated 4.9/5 from 12,755 reviews