Scrap Car Glasgow

At Remove My Car, we have two local Vehicle Recycling Centres located in Glasgow and provide excellent prices for scrap cars in Glasgow, Paisley, Hamilton and the surrounding areas. 

We can generate a quote for your unwanted vehicle online within just a few moments. All of our quotes are guaranteed and we will never try to haggle with you to lower the price when we turn up to collect your vehicle, like many unscrupulous companies will. 
 Scrap Car Glasgow
Case Study – Mrs Walker, Renault Megane, Glasgow 

Glasgow based Mrs Walker sold her old Renault Megane Dynamique with Remove My Car. She was delighted with our service as we offered the best price and provided free collection of her car. But, she still had one regret – she forgot to remove her stereo before we took the car away for scrap. We’d have been more than happy for her to keep the stereo, if only she’d told us first! 

When we collect scrap cars, we rescue as many useful parts as we’re able to before sending the car to an Authorised Treatment Facility to be destroyed and recycled in the correct way. In the case of Mrs Walker, we didn’t find out about her stereo until it was too late. The car had already been scrapped and recycled by then. What a shame, as we would have been delighted for her to remove and keep the stereo before we arrived to collect the car from her home in Glasgow. As long as the car fits the description provided in your quote, that’s all we need. 

If, like Mrs Walker, you have an end of life vehicle (ELV) to sell in Glasgow or anywhere else within the UK, please check it carefully before we collect it. Remove any belongings that you wish to keep and please ensure it is empty. It must be empty as we cannot take a car that contains rubbish or waste to the recycling facility as they simply won’t accept it. 

Always check your car carefully to avoid any mistakes, such as forgetting your stereo like Mrs Walker. If you miss something, we’ll always try to help, but it isn’t always possible. We work quickly and once your vehicle has gone to a recycling facility, we aren’t able to get it back. 

To start your journey to scrapping your car in and around Glasgow, contact us today for a free no-obligation quote. 

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Rated 4.9/5 from 12,579 reviews
Rated 4.9/5 from 12,579 reviews