Scrap Car Coventry

At Remove My Car, we collect all types of cars in all manner of conditions for scrap. It’s not just old clapped out bangers or vehicles that have been badly damaged in accidents that we see coming through our system. Sometimes, we collect cars that have no damage whatsoever to their bodywork and appear to have nothing wrong with them at all at first glance.  
Scrap Car Coventry
This was the case recently with Mrs Williams in Coventry and her 2002 Audi A2. At first look, you’d never have known anything was wrong with it and it certainly didn’t look like most of the other cars we see. But, like many modern cars, it has developed serious electrical problems that would be costly and uneconomical to repair. 

“I’d already spent too much on the car. When it developed the electrical fault I decided it just wasn’t worth fixing”, Mrs Williams told us. 

Mrs Williams logged onto our website, filled in her details and accepted the free quote that we produced for her. We then quickly called her to arrange a collection time. We were able to arrange to pick up her car the very same day and, just a few hours after she first visited our website, her car was gone and she received a healthy boost to her bank balance when our payment arrived via Bank Transfer. 

“I was very impressed with the service and the website was easy to use. The price Remove My Car offered was also very good and paying me directly into the bank was an added bonus.” 

Mrs Williams rated our service as 5 out of 4 thanks to our great communication, competitive quote and our ability to collect her scrap car in Coventry from her home the very same day for free. 

So, if you have a scrap car in Coventry or anywhere else in the UK, fill out our free quotation form and see how much you could make from your old, unwanted vehicle. 

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Rated 4.9/5 from 12,679 reviews
Rated 4.9/5 from 12,679 reviews