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Rated 4.9/5 from 12,755 reviews

Join the thousands who have chosen Remove My Car

We guarantee your scrap price & payment

No hidden costs
No hidden surprises

Scrap Car Oxford

One of the key reasons why Remove My Car is the top choice for scrapping cars in Oxford is our commitment to offering competitive prices. We understand that the value of your car is important to you, and we strive to ensure that you receive a fair and reasonable price for your vehicle.

Scrap Car Collections throughout Oxford

Whether you're in Oxford or nearby areas like:

  •  Abingdon
  •  Didcot
  •  Witney
  •  Bicester
  •  Kidlington
  • Banbury
  •  We're here to help you with your scrap car needs.


    Top Selling Cars in Oxford

    Citroen C4

    Average Price: £100


    Ford Fiesta

    Average Price: £128


    Volkswagen Polo

    Average Price: £66


    Oxford Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ)


    On the 28th of February 2022, Oxford started a Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) in a small part of the city center. They have plans to make the ZEZ cover a larger area, but they haven't decided on a date yet. Here's what we know about the Oxford ZEZ so far.

    Like other cities in the UK, Oxford introduced the ZEZ to make the air cleaner by reducing traffic that pollutes and emits harmful substances. They want to encourage people to use vehicles that produce low or no emissions, or to use public transport instead.

    Only fully electric cars, vans, and motorbikes are allowed in the Oxford ZEZ without having to pay a fee. Vehicles that have an exemption or qualify for a 100 percent discount can also enter without a charge.


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    Top Customer FAQ’s

    The most common methods of payment available are Bank Transfer and Cheque Payment. Bank Transfers are usually cleared within 24 hours from the time of collection. Cheque Payments are issued on collection but can take a few days to clear with your bank. it will depend on your local collections team as to which payment method they can offer. 

    In order to receive a tax refund you will need to inform DVLA that you have sold your vehicle. This can be done once the vehicle has been collected using the V5C (logbook) - section 9 or section 4 on the new logbooks issued in April 2019 (yellow section) which will be filled in on the day of collection by the driver, and handed back to you, you will need to send this to DVLA (we recommend recorded delivery). If you do not have the V5C, we advise you send a letter to DVLA using the address details of the collector to advise that you are no longer the registered keeper as of the day and time of the collection. For more information regarding the tax refund, please contact DVLA or visit

    We can normally collect without the V5C, if you add in the comments once you accept 'V5C missing' the collection company can confirm when they contact you. It is important that the registered keeper notifies DVLA in writing that the vehicle has been scrapped/sold using the details from the driver on the day of collection. If you need details of which collection team collected your vehicle feel free to contact us by phone or via our online chat facility.

    The person present at the time of collection will have to provide Photo I.D and some form of address proof,recent Utility Bill/Bank statement, etc

    The person present at the time of collection will need to provide us with their own Photo I.D, and proof of address (Utility Bill/Bank Statement etc, that is less than 3 months old), the keys and, if possible, the V5C (log book). We may also ask for spare keys and any other paper work, such as service receipts and old MOTs.

    Due to the SMDA 2013 (scrap metal dealers act 2013) scrap metal dealers and car breakers can no longer pay for vehicles using CASH and also need by law a copy of the photo I.D and proof of address (recent Utility Bill/Bank statement, etc) of the person there at the time of the collection.

    No, we do not sell parts at Remove My Car.
    If you have an End of Life Vehicle in Oxford or any other area of the UK and would like to sell it for a great price to a reputable company who are focused on delivering great customer service every time, try Remove My Car today. Complete our free, no-obligation quotation form now and see how much you could get

    Happy Customers in Oxford

    Mr Cottrell wanted to be there when we collected his scrap car in Oxford recently and that’s no problem for us. We always arrange collection at times that are convenient to our customers and will do our very best to accommodate your needs. Of course, the times you’re available can affect how quickly we’ll be able to collect your vehicle but we always do all we can to arrange appointments as quickly as possible. 

    See How Much Your Car Is Worth

    Rated 4.9/5 from 12,755 reviews
    Rated 4.9/5 from 12,755 reviews