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Scrap a Car in Manchester

Road accidents are one of the most common reasons for people wanting to sell their cars as scrap. The damage caused by collisions can mean your car is uneconomical to repair or beyond repair, and so you are left with an unusable car, as Ms Odonell of Manchester found out. “I had a 2001 Renault Megane and was involved in a car crash,” she recalls, “After the accident, I didn’t want to get another car, so I rang around various scrap car companies in Manchester. Luckily, I found Remove My Car and as they were offering the best price, I chose them.”
Like many of our other customers, Ms Odonell was very impressed with the Remove My Car service, especially our fast collection. “I called Remove My Car on the Friday and accepted their quote. They collected the car on Monday, and money in the bank within 24 hours. That’s what I call a speedy collection.” The service we provided for Ms Odonell was not a one-off, or a special service because she sold her scrap car in Manchester. When we buy scrap cars, we aim to collect them within 48 hours in areas across the UK, and in many cases, can collect in as little as a day.
We ask all of our customers to give our service a rating out of 5, based on our communications, politeness, quotation price and overall quality of service. We are delighted to report that Ms Odonell rated us as a 5/5, thanks to offering ‘the best quote’ and ‘speedy collection’.  Another job well done. Who is next? Could that be you? Are you looking to sell scrap car in Manchester or another area of the UK? Then get in touch – we offer some of the best prices available for scrap cars, a very fast service, and same day payment. 

Top 5 FAQs

Q. Does RMC collect FREE of charge?
A. Yes, we collect FREE of charge
Q. Are there any costs what so ever?
A. Its a 100% FREE service
Q. How long does it take you to collect?
A. On average, within 48 working hours
Q. How do I get paid for my car?
A. Cheque Payment or Bank Transfer
Q. Are the payments Guaranteed?
A. Yes, you are protected by the Remove My Car Payment Guarantee

RMC Payment Guarantee

If you dispose of your car through us, you'll also benefit from our payment guarantee for added peace of mind. Find out more at Why Choose Us

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