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Scrap Car in Plymouth

scrapping car plymouth 
There is a flyover in Plymouth that has unhappy memories for Ms Wood. Because not so long ago, she was driving her Renault Megane Privilege there when the car started to cough and splutter. Seconds later, and vehicle came to a juddering halt. It would never be driven again. Given its age and value, the cost of repairing the Megane was going to make little sense, so Ms Wood made the sensible decision to sell the car as scrap. Now all she had to do was find a company that buys scrap cars in Plymouth, would collect it from her, and give her a great price. Sorry, there’s no prizes for guessing what company she chose! 
It only took Ms Wood a few minutes to log on to her computer and find our web site. Once there, she quickly completed our FREE online quote form and received a very tempting offer for her car. A very competitive price that includes collection and payment on collection was just what Ms Wood was looking for, so she accepted the price. Moments later, one of our friendly customer service agents gave her a call to arrange a suitable collection time. Understandably, Ms Wood wanted the Megane to be Meg-gone as soon as possible, so we arranged to have the car collected.
24 hours later and Ms Wood was holding a cheque from Remove My Car, and her car was being transported to a Plymouth ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility). There, it would be put to good use, recycled professionally in accordance with Environment Agency guidelines. “I’d rate Remove My Car 5 out of 5,” says Ms Wood. “I was amazed at how easy and quick it was to use. They came to Plymouth and took my car in a day and I was very happy with the payment too.” 

Top 5 FAQs

Q. Does RMC collect FREE of charge?
A. Yes, we collect FREE of charge
Q. Are there any costs what so ever?
A. Its a 100% FREE service
Q. How long does it take you to collect?
A. On average, within 48 working hours
Q. How do I get paid for my car?
A. Cheque Payment or Bank Transfer
Q. Are the payments Guaranteed?
A. Yes, you are protected by the Remove My Car Payment Guarantee

RMC Payment Guarantee

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