Scrap Car Comparison 

Did you know that where you are in the UK plays a massive part in how much cash you can get for a scrap car?

There are many factors that affect this, but if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the top money areas, you’re going to be quid’s in! 

Top 10 Best Places to Scrap Your Car:

scrap car compare

The above locations have numerous scrap car dealers who are all competing with each other. Competition usually means prices are better for customers, but not always, as some scrap car dealers won’t be as competitive when it comes to pricing.

For example, given its size, you would expect Birmingham to be a good place to sell your scrap car, but the market in Birmingham is not as competitive as in some smaller cities and towns such as Liverpool and Swindon. So, while Birmingham might have many scrap yards, there isn’t the same drive for competitive prices as in some other areas. 


It’s not just number of scrap dealers that affects prices though, as in some areas you’ll get a good price for your scrap car even if the number of local scrap dealers is low. All it takes is for two competing scrap dealers to try and outdo each other. The winner in this situation is always the customer who scores a higher price for their vehicle.  

The Least Competitive Places for Selling your Scrap Car

In more remote areas, such as the highlands of Scotland, you’re never going to get a top price for your scrap car. In fact, you might find that the costs involved in transportation in super rural areas mean that you struggle to sell your End of Life Vehicle at all. The cost of coming to collect your vehicle and transport it back to the scrap yard may mean that some dealers just won’t be interested. 


But, it isn’t just in remote locations where you won’t get as good a price for your scrap car as you’ll see from the above list. These are just some of the towns and cities that either have a relatively low number of registered Authorised Treatment Facilities for scrap cars, or just have an uncompetitive market. 


BangorBarnstapleBrightonGrimsbyHarrogateKings LynnNorthamptonSwaffhamSwansea and Worcester

These are just a few of the towns and cities that either have a relatively low number of registered ATFs or have an uncompetitive scrap car market. 


Why are Scrap Car Values Different in Some Areas of the Country?


Get a Fantastic Price for your Scrap Car Wherever you Are

With Remove My Car, it doesn’t matter if you live in a competitive area or not. Our network of members across the country will buy your car for a great price and collect it for free in almost all parts of the UK. We offer guaranteed prices based on the weight of your car and will usually beat or match the best scrap prices you’ve found in your area.  


Using Remove My Car also means that you can be sure your car will be disposed of properly and legally and you’ll have the paperwork to prove it. We take care of all the boring paperwork for you and advise you on what you need to tell the DVLA. If you ever need any help in future, all of our member Authorised Treatment Facilities keep accurate records of every sale and purchase and can provide you with any documents you may need, including the Certificate of Destruction. 


Using Remove My Car means you’ll save time and effort too, as there’s no need for you to do independent research on our members as we would strongly advise you to do if you were using an independent scrap dealer. We only ever use registered ATFs that meet our own exacting standards. This means you can be confident your vehicle will be scrapped legally and in the way it should be. 


Want to know how much we’ll pay for your scrap car? Fill in our short online form to get a quote and find out. 

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Rated 4.9/5 from 12,755 reviews
Rated 4.9/5 from 12,755 reviews