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Scrap Car Southampton Review

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Hey, Grand Cherokee Jeep, don’t be poking fun at the Christmas turkey, because when the tinsel’s down, your time is up too! That’s how things went down for a Jeep owned by Mr Campion of Southampton last year. He had bought the Jeep as a stop-gap measure, just to last him over Christmas, and he did wonder whether it would survive that long. “The Jeep wasn’t worth keeping as it only had 3 weeks MOT left and, looking at it, I didn’t think it would pass the next MOT.” So by the time the decorations were down, Mr Campion was online searching for ‘buy scrap cars in Southampton’ online. 
“The Remove My Car web site is pretty good.” Mr Campion told us, when we asked him about his experiences trying to sell the scrap car online. “It is nice and easy to use and your quote was good too. The £205 you offered meant I got back what I paid for the Jeep, so I was happy about that.” Usually, we would ask Mr Campion about the collection service, as it would have been normal for us to collect the scrap car from Southampton within one or two days. But Mr Campion’s was a slightly unusual case.
Rather than have our collection team pick up the scrap car from his Southampton home, Mr Campion asked if he could deliver the Jeep himself. Was it because he wanted one last drive in it? Or did he suspect we might be up to something naughty with his Jeep? Neither – he was just too busy for a collection. “I took the car to the yard myself as I am always busy so can’t wait for collection.” He told us. That was no problem to us at all, but just to clarify: We can collect scrap cars in Southampton or anywhere else without the owner being present! Get in touch to find out more.


Top 5 FAQs

Q. Does RMC collect FREE of charge?
A. Yes, we collect FREE of charge
Q. Are there any costs what so ever?
A. Its a 100% FREE service
Q. How long does it take you to collect?
A. On average, within 48 working hours
Q. How do I get paid for my car?
A. Cheque Payment or Bank Transfer
Q. Are the payments Guaranteed?
A. Yes, you are protected by the Remove My Car Payment Guarantee

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