Why Is It Important To Scrap Your Car The Right Way?

Metal is one of the most widely recyclable materials on earth. But as the global demand for mental and overall impact on the environment develops, so does the demand for metal and vehicle recycling.

At Remove My Car we only work closely with Authorised Treatment Facilities (known as ATFs) to provide best car scrap prices that aim to divert and recycle your vehicle and as much waste from landfill as possible, reusing valuable car parts and materials and most importantly metal recycling.

Since the start of Remove My Car we have always valued scrap vehicle at its competitive market value, especially concerning recycling and we will continue to provide great value with a completely free of charge car scrap quote and with absolutely no obligation to accept.  

What Happens During Car Metal Recycling?

Car recycling is simply the process of taking waste metal, processing it and creating new metal materials.

The recycled vehicle metal can be re-used repeatedly to make new metal products which can then be recycled and once used again in the future – the possibilities with vehicle recycling are truly endless!

Advantages to car metal recycling, include energy savings and help with environmental sustainability. 

Scrap Car Collection

Various vehicle metal materials can be recycled, including scrap cars parts, catalytic converters and metals from the car body are used to make recycled metals. At Remove My Car we will be happy to remove your old vehicle as salvage or scrap metal for recycling.  

How is My Car Recycled?

The process of recycling metal is relatively simple, facilitated by Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF).

Your scrap car gets picked up right from your driveway or place of work and is taken to an ATF where it is processed and separated from other cars, vans and other metals. Different techniques and equipment, such as magnets, which draw ferrous metals because of their magnetic characteristics, are used to separate different types of alloys.


Endless Recycling & Less Energy

Metal is not only a perfect material for making vehicle but also for recycling. Metal may generally be recycled an infinite number of times. Much more energy is required to produce new metal materials which have been mined from the ground than to use recycled metal.

Many expensive and often quite harmful forms of energy must be used, from metal ore mining and processing to shaping and final treatment for the metal to be used. A good example is that on average recycled aluminium requires 95% less energy!

Safeguarding The Future Of Global Resources

Natural resources must be sourced and then extracted and often a time-consuming process is required to produce new/virgin metals. However, using recycled vehicle metals eliminates the need for new materials to be mined, protecting precious natural resources.

UK Car Scrappage

The recycling sector helps the UK local economy considerably by generating jobs and reducing travel time for metal relocation. If the raw materials can be sourced within the UK then the importation cost can be reduced for large scale metal projects.




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Rated 4.9/5 from 12,653 reviews
Rated 4.9/5 from 12,653 reviews