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What Makes our Prices and Service so Good?

Remove My Car consistently offer some of the best prices for scrap cars in the UK. Take it from us, you can spend hours searching the web, but you won’t find many companies that will match our prices and collect your scrap car for free. In fact, you may not find any at all!  But we do much more than offer fantastic prices – we also offer a service that sets us apart from the rest.

Our customers and ATF members love us because we:

            •           Collect scrap cars for free. Every price you see on RMC includes free collection, and that includes bids in our auction.

            •           Collect scrap cars that other companies try and avoid. Some cars are worth very little as scrap, but we will try to collect them anyway, even if it means it leaves us out of pocket. Our theory is that if we help you out, you will think of us when you scrap your next car too.

            •           Insist on friendly and courteous collection drivers We carefully selected the ATF registered companies that we work with so that you only get to interact with friendly, professional drivers. Customer service is very important to RMC.

            •           Guarantee payments. In the extremely unlikely event that there are problems with you receiving payment, we will contact the ATF and cover the payment ourselves if required.

            •           Only use registered ATFs so that you can be sure that your car is salvaged and recycled legally and professionally.

            •           Help our ATF members to run their business more efficiently, so that they can spend more time collecting scrap vehicles and less time doing paperwork.

How are we able to offer all this? By taking special care of the people that matter most – you, our customer, and all of our ATF members. 

We Help Our ATFs to Run More Efficiently…

Our ATF members are at the heart of our business. They are the ones who buy and collect your scrap car, and have face-to-face contact with you, so they are extremely valuable to us. Which is why we do everything we can to try and make their work easier and more profitable.

We provide our ATF members with access to a special, secure Admin area where they can tell us what areas they can cover and what cars are of special interest to them. Our system also keeps secure records of every scrap car they buy through RMC and can even calculate their recycling figures. Having all those records available at the press of a button means a huge amount of the necessary paperwork is already taken care of by RMC.

Importantly, we are very fair. We provide our ATF members with a flow of scrap cars, but our commission is low in comparison to many other networks.

…So that they can Raise their Best Price for your Scrap Car

By making life easier for our ATF members, we allow them to focus their efforts on collecting scrap cars, rather than the mountain of forms that are required for the various authorities. The more cars they get through their gates, the more successful they are, and the more competitive they can be.

Working with RMC is good for our ATF members, and in turn, it is good for you.


Cash Ban Due to SMDA 2013

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 replaced all previous legislation, but the big change was car breakers as well as scrap metal dealers weren't able to buy any scrap metal for cash, including vehicles. Companies also now have to take copies of the persons Photo ID and a recent utility bill. Want to know more? Read more HERE

RMC Payment Guarantee

If you dispose of your car through us, you'll also benefit from our payment guarantee for added peace of mind. Find out more at Why Choose Us

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Scrap Metal Prices Falling

Yet again theres been further drops in metal prices, it's now the lowest in 6 years since the last crash in 2008/2009. Slowing economic growth in China is the biggest contribution for the fall in demand and its not looking to increase anytime soon!

New Road Tax Laws

From October 1 2014, motorists have no longer needed to display a paper tax disc in their windscreens. Instead they are asked to pay their road tax online, via the DVLA Website

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